The Mind Diet: How Low-Tech Days Give Your Brain a Break!

Do you ever get tired of trying to keep up with all the technical outlets you automatically focus on daily? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online news, email, YouTube, Ted Talks, blogs—the list goes on forever. Not only is it exhausting and overwhelming to your brain, our society is now way more connected to technology than to interacting with people in person. Can you remember what it’s like to pick up the phone and call someone?

Several years ago, we implemented a weekly low-tech day in our house. This meant no PC, cell phones, TV or other electronics. It was one of my favorite days of the week.

What did this do for us as a family?

  • We connected at a deeper level. We had real conversations about events happening in our world and in our lives
  • Our minds got to rest and had a much needed break from all the information we were consuming daily.
  • We got to just be “us” and it lessened the feeling of comparison and keeping up with the Joneses.
  • We had fun in a simpler way by getting out in nature and visiting with friends.
  • We didn’t miss a thing!

Eventually life got busy and we stopped having low-tech days. While writing my upcoming book, You Are Worthy, I remembered them. They are now one of the tools I recommend in the book for staying in the Worthiness Cycle, where dreams are dreamed and become reality.

I decided that now was the time to put low-tech days back into my life. So yesterday I decided to start small and shut down email and FB for an entire day. What happened?

I felt less stress. I interacted with my husband and son more and we had a fun day in conversation, went to a movie and enjoyed dinner together. I slept really well. I stayed in the Worthiness Cycle because I was not tempted to compare myself to others for 24 hours. And I feel more creative and productive today!

My husband can get hooked on news and finds that the more he reads, the more stressed and hopeless he feels. When he listens to NPR on his commute from work, he’s a big ball of stress and hopelessness by the time he walks in the door. A few weeks ago, I asked him to stop listening to the news for two weeks. He started listening to guided meditations instead. What a huge difference this has made in his outlook on life! So much so that he decided to stop flipping through online news this week. He’s way more positive and hopeful, and now has mental energy to talk about other things.

What you feed your mind (negative or positive) impacts your life.

My Challenge to You

Implement a low-tech day each week. Turn off your cell phone, PC, TV, and all other electronics. This will allow you to stop comparing yourself to others and help you stay in the Worthiness Cycle. It also gives your weary mind a break from the constant barrage of negative messages that stir up feelings of fear, worry and “not enough.” And, best of all, it gives you quiet mental time you so need to “just be you.” Your rested, refreshed mind will thank you!

Hop onto my FB page and let me know how it went for you!


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