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Through her funny and engaging presentations, Julee empowers you to leave your soul-sucking life behind for good and walk in your magnificence. She believes that no one was put on this earth to live a life of quiet desperation. You are meant to honor your voice, your power and create a life you can’t wait to jump out of bed and live every day.

She knows that work, work, work makes you dull, boring, and lifeless. Not to mention that it is bad for your health, marriage, and productivity.

We’ve hired Julee Hunt to speak on the main stage at two of Mike Dooley’s Train the Trainer events where we certify Infinite Possibility Trainers. Julee’s presentations are well prepared and well received. She has a gift for relatable storytelling and metaphor and gets the point across with her humor and enthusiasm. Julee is a gifted speaker who impacts the audience with her wisdom. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your event.

Regena Garrepy Director of Training at TUT, Enterprises

A life filled with joy, laughter, work, play, spirituality and family is key to getting back to that vibrant woman who started her career or business with great vision and dreams.

Julee knows first-hand what it is like to spend 25 years climbing the corporate ladder and one day realize she is living a rote life with her voice screaming to get out. The money is good, but she no longer recognized the woman in the mirror.

IP 2013 Julie Speaking

Julee is available for conferences, networking groups, women’s groups, New Thought arenas, workshops and Chamber of Commerce events.

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of attending several of Julee Hunt’s presentations on taking charge of your life, your career, and your happiness. It is always delightful to hear her speak. In addition to the genuine words of wisdom and thoughtful insight she is able to deliver, I also find that Julee’s presentations are well thought out and flow very nicely. The material is well organized and the points she touches on often give me pause for self-reflection. I highly recommend Julee as a speaker for a wide variety of speaking events.

Alex Roy, Realtor at John L Scott Real Estate

Juicy Speaking Topics

  • Leave Your Soul-Sucking Life Behind for Good!
  • How to Conquer your Inner Bully
  • You are WORTHY! How the World tries to Tell you Differently
  • Sell Your House, Worldly Goods, Buy an RV and Don’t Look Back

I had the pleasure of listening to Julee Hunt speak recently, and it was transformative. I’ve been in business for 20 years, and make what most would consider a pretty good income…but something was missing. Julee shared some amazing insights in a way that was both engaging and entertaining. And I left with some valuable perspective and practical tools for initiating positive change in both my personal and work life.

Thanks Julee!

Darren T Balogh, Branch Manager at Mortgage Loans NW

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