Simple Ways to Simplify Life

simplify your life

As a child I was taught that nothing worth having comes easy. That meant that if getting good grades came easy, it wasn’t worth having. This thought process led me down a path of living a difficult life. No matter what I did, in order to feel worthy of having it, it had to be difficult to attain. I would deliberately start making things more difficult just so I would feel worthy of having whatever it was I was trying to achieve.

Let’s take the example of training for a half marathon. There are many training programs you can follow online to help you get to your goal. Seems pretty easy. Follow a plan that someone else created. Yes, there are days you don’t want to train, but you can always push through that by keeping your eye on the prize – finishing the half marathon.

When I became an adult this thought that was implanted into my subconscious as a child ruled my life for a long time. Each time I climbed a rung on the corporate ladder, I told myself I had to work harder and work more hours. This led me to becoming a workaholic. If that climb up the ladder was too easy, the reward would not be worth having. This thought process nearly killed me.

Fast forward 25 years and you will find me receiving an invitation to leave my job while the company was capsizing. This was not my vision of how this would go. I thought I would work really hard to get to the top and then get that corner office and be able to put my feet up and rest on my laurels for a few minutes. But, now I have no ladder to climb and was not even worthy of a job. Ugh!

Time for a change. Time to evaluate this thought process and determine if it is propelling me forward or holding me back. Very clear to me that this one thought has led me to make everything in my life more difficult than it needed to be. I first used the TURNAROUND (a tool you can find in my new book “You Are Worthy!”) and changed, “Nothing in life worth having comes easy,” to “Everything in life worth having comes easy.”

I then adopted a new mantra and it is only one word – simplify. The question I ask myself is, “How can I make this simpler?” I will even set a timer to limit the amount of time I have to work on something and race the clock. I will set it for 15 minutes, clear my desk of everything except the one task I am working on and go. This gives me no time to let my mind stray or to make things more difficult by asking questions that are irrelevant to the task at hand. When the timer goes off, I take what I have accomplished and put it away until tomorrow. Then I go back and read what I wrote and usually it is amazing.

By using this technique I’m taking away the option to clutter my mind with anything that could make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Do you make things harder than they need to be from time to time? What is that one task that you drag your feet and procrastinate doing because you think it is going to be too difficult? Try setting the timer and racing the clock. Post your results on my FB page. I can’t wait to hear what you discover.

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