How to Reduce Angst and Clear the Brain Clutter

Created by Freepik

Created by Freepik

Several years ago I decided to simplify my life. This meant letting go of unhealthy relationships, unnecessary stuff and putting processes in place to create more ease in my life.

For example: Creating a healthy dinner to put on the table each day used to fill me with angst. What do I feel like eating tonight? What do my husband and son want? Do I have all the ingredients? How quickly can I make this happen? And the questions went on each day. To simplify this daily angst I decided to make a meal plan each week and make my grocery list from that plan. This meant I knew exactly what was for dinner each night and whether I had the ingredients for the meal or not. It also meant we spent less at the grocery store and stopped wasting food that spoiled because we did not eat it. I also had more time because I was not rushing to the grocery store daily to get 1 or 2 ingredients.

When you create processes that simplify your life, you add more enjoyment and time to your life.

You spend less time in the angst or worry zone. And you reduce brain clutter.

Brain clutter are those mundane things that take up brain power to remember. It is like juggling – you always have balls in the air that you need to remember to catch. Have you ever lain down to go to sleep and then realized you forgot to pick-up the dry cleaning on your way home? Dump the brain clutter onto your weekly plan and use your mind for creating, producing and enjoying life instead. Your weekly plan contains the items you need to accomplish throughout the week. For me, my weekly plans are my marching orders.

Creating processes that simplify your life so it runs more smoothly is a gift you give yourself.

Here are just a few of the benefits

  • Everyone around you benefits because you are more calm, relaxed and fun. This allows the people around you to be the same.
  • You create fewer worry lines on your face.
  • You feel relaxed and free to think about dreams, vacations and your next adventure.
  • Your mind easily finds creative solutions to problems. Your creativity quotient rises because your mind is not filled with the proverbial “to-do” list or all the balls you have in the air. It is almost like walking on air because your mind clutter is now free from the chains of everyday life.

Who wouldn’t want a little bit of that action?

What about you? Would you like to be more creative and productive at work? Would you like to have more time to play and adventure? If your answer is a resounding “yes” then stop a moment and identify what causes you angst each day, week or month? Then put a process in place that will reduce the angst.

Where in your life do you have a lot of angst and worry? This is the place to start simplifying your life. What process could you put into place that would allow more fun, space and creativity in your life? Share your story on Facebook.


I share all my best processes and routines in my upcoming book. Stay tuned for the release date!



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