Client Successes

I attended a wonderful weekend in McCall with 10 phenomenal woman. All the women were in different stages of their life with different struggles…..yet all of the steps outlined could be applied to each person. We were provided with well written materials that were very organized. My biggest take away from the event was actually writing down goals and putting a time on when each goal would be accomplished. The venue was comfortable, having it out of town was great as you did not have to go home and cook dinner. I would recommend Julee and this retreat to everyone……… even for those who do not think they need this type of guidance. We all get into a rut and Julee and this retreat will definitely get you on a new path.

I attended the “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life Seminar” and was truly impressed with how easy you can apply the action plan to your daily life. The workshop flowed well…easy to follow…ample time to share your thoughts and ideas with the group as well as discuss. The group and individual exercises were productive. The materials provided were extra helpful and also a useful tool to review when you get home. The workshop really taught me to focus on what I want to change and how to make it happen. After completing the exercises, I realized that it was easier than I thought. I would highly recommend! Julee is a fantastic leader and look forward to attending another workshop.

I have been working on transformation in my life and Julee Hunt’s Infinite Possibilities workshop has truly helped me “make the shift”. The concepts presented took my own studies of the law of attraction to a new level and helped me see the areas in my life that were stalling me out. The take home materials keep the lessons fresh and top of mind. Julee herself has an amazing personal story and is an inspiration that we can all live our magnificence. I would recommend this workshop to ANYONE seeking guidance with their personal journey. Julee provides a safe place to explore your life without judgement and inspires you to go forward with love.

I know we just started our class last night, but I just had to tell you about all the great stuff that has happened to me since last night!!!!! I know it is no coincidence and hopefully you can use it to let others know what an impact you can have on people’s lives. It has been a long time since I’ve used visualization so I’m very grateful you re-introduced me to it but in a more powerful, effective manner. Because of my morning visualization, my daily goals were met. The first business I walked into scheduled a meeting with the HR director to discuss developing a company wellness program, health screenings and lectures. I decided to change gyms in hope of finding one that is more willing to work with me. The new gym is more than willing and I negotiated more than I was expecting to get. Not a bad morning in my opinion. I also established an accountability partner for goals (been “meaning” to get one for a long time) and met a great guy with the same interest and fitness level for hard core mountain biking and will meet up this weekend to ride. Been looking for one of these too. The rest of the day has just been getting better and better. I’m very grateful my wife met you and introduced me to your class. I’m looking forward to our next class.

I began my working life as a physician in a county hospital setting serving patients from minority and disadvantaged populations. It was a career that was very fulfilling and meaningful for me. At the same time, my husband and I had four children in a short span of time. As the kids approached their teen years, I elected to stay home so as to be present for all the experiences that that time of life brings. It was a great decision and I enjoyed those years immensely. And I was successful in that role. Because of my time at home during those pivotal years, as the kids became adults they were able to manage quite well without their mother in their new lives. However, after the children all went off to college, I began to feel lost. I had spent so many years being the caregiver and organizer for our large family and I didn’t know what to do to find another purpose. I realized that I had an opportunity to change paths and do something different but felt quite stuck when it came to finding that new path. That’s where Julee came into the picture. I had known Julee as a fellow parent and knew that she had started a coaching business. I trusted her because I knew she was dedicated and honest in all her endeavors and also that she had a kind and loving heart. I knew that I really wanted to move forward in my life and felt that Julee and I would be a good team for this new adventure. It was a wonderful decision. In the time that we have been working together, I have learned so much about myself and how to confidently move forward in my life. One of the best experiences was when Julee took me to a friend of hers who helps women dress more confidently. I had a wonderful time learning about clothes and came away feeling comfortable in my own skin. I am still working toward that new purposeful life but know that I will get there. Working with Julee has given me the confidence to try new things and to live in my world as a strong, confident woman.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in a few very helpful sessions with Julee. Her caring and patient approach always puts me at ease. She has this innate ability to identify a person’s strengths and brings focus to the challenges we face when we are overwhelmed by life. Her naturally intuitive nature and huge heart created a safe space for me to explore my inner self and gain a better understanding of how I have been holding myself back. If you are looking for a great coach, she is a rare gem and I highly recommend her.

When I first started working with you I was lost, could not control my emotions, and was unhappy. You have given me the tools to rephrase my thoughts into thoughts that empower me, taught me how to not let things and people get me down, and reduced my overall stress. When I reflect on who I was a year ago, I can’t even imagine being in that headspace again. You have forever changed my life!


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