Simple Ways to Simplify Life

As a child I was taught that nothing worth having comes easy. That meant that if getting good grades came easy, it wasn’t worth having. This thought process led me down a path of living a difficult life. No matter what I did, in order to feel worthy of having it, it had to be […]

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Can You Be Disappointed and Happy?

Think about the last time you had a major blow. You were rejected by the university of your dreams. You applied for an important training and weren’t chosen. You finally asked out the person you’ve been dying to date, and he turned you down. Or your spouse says he wants a divorce. You spent hours […]

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Do You Have a Worthiness Workout?

Do you go to the gym? Why? To relieve stress or maintain health and fitness? I love to exercise and can’t wait to get out and hit the pavement or pickup weights and improve my muscle strength. I always feel stronger, clear-minded, and healthier after I work-out—especially if I’ve strayed from my eating plan. What […]

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3 Ways to Reignite Your Worthiness Flame

You were put on this earth to thrive not just survive. You were not put on this earth to live a life of quiet desperation. You were born with an unlimited supply of worthiness—and meant to be happy, enjoy wild success, and experience an abundance of love in your life. Then why don’t you feel […]

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