Meet Julee

After 25 years of climbing the corporate ladder, I was exhausted, my relationships were poor, my health was beginning to fail and I no longer looked forward to each day. In hindsight I can see that I had stopped living and was only working. My life had become rote and my passion for my career had died. I no longer knew what brought me joy and there was no fun in my life.

I was living a soul-sucking life. My job was sucking the soul right out of me. The money was good but I had lost myself. It was time to honor me, identify what was important and make some major changes that would create a life I wanted to jump out of bed and live every day!


I wanted more joy, fun, creativity and more time outside the office. I worked 60-80 hours a week and traveled 50% of the time. I worked, worked, and worked more each week only to dash around on the weekends running errands so I could do it all over again the next week.

I re-scheduled vacations, gave up my personal life and sold my soul to the Corporation. I had no life outside of work and I had forgotten how to have fun. I spent more time with my co-workers than my family. My career was my identity. I was tired, angry and resentful. I wanted off the treadmill and out of the rat race, but I did not know how.

My wake-up call was being downsized during the capsizing of a company. Thank goodness I woke-up. We sold our home, most of our worldly goods, bought an RV and traveled for a year. I have never looked back or wondered where my voice or true self is.


The loss of my job was a gift and empowered me to take a good long look at me. I did not like what I had become and was also not sure of who I wanted to be. What were my core values? What stirred passion in my heart? What legacy could I leave and still honor the inborn gifts and talents I was given at birth? Who is the authentic me and why am I here? Why do I feel so depressed when I have the wonderful husband, amazing son, beautiful home and crazy busy career? Wasn’t that the American Dream? It felt empty and lifeless and I felt the same way.

My transformational journey led me to pursue more meaningful work that fulfilled my passion of empowering others to lead a life they can’t wait to jump out of bed and live every day. One that feeds your soul, inspires you, makes you feel alive and vital again.

I know first-hand that working harder is not the answer – it is merely a huge zapper of your precious energy. Working smarter will take you on a journey from soul-sucking life to a life that you love.

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