A-HA Session Application

You are in the right place if you know in your heart that you are tired of living on autopilot feeling like there is no hope for the life you always dreamed of living. This means you are ready to ignite your worthiness and live a life filled with more joy, happiness, abundance, success, and fun. I am excited that you have decided to say ‘Yes’ to yourself by applying for an A-HA Session! That is something to celebrate!

This is a complimentary ($175 Value) 30 minute private and confidential 1:1 session where together we take a look at what’s keeping you in fear or holding you back from what you want. What is one thing in your life that would change if you decided to ignite your worthiness and believe in yourself? This awareness could mark the beginning of a completely different life for you—one in which you know you are worthy of all you desire.

I want you to have hope and be encouraged. You learned unworthiness and can unlearn it. You get to be the student as you begin to honor the worthiness that resides inside you. Your worthiness has been waiting a long time for you to acknowledge it and it’s ready to ignite at any moment— when you are ready.

It takes courage to reach out and be willing to look at any fears or doubts that may be holding you back from your dreams. I applaud you for having that courage!

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